Mapplefinance Powered by Mapple Technologies rolls out Smart Investing Solution For Crypto traders and Investors

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Crypto markets are constantly moving 24/7, seven days a week and 365 days a year. At its current stage, it’s simply not feasible for an individual to track every major coin and piece of news that is being manipulated by ceretain whales and financial institutions like Walls Street Journal, Roger Ver, Charlie Lee. Fortunately, there are a number of groups available whose primary focus is aggregating news feeds and market data and translating them into intuitive trade signals, allowing followers to make smart trades and hopefully sizable profits.

MappleFinance a subsidiary of Mappletradex (Crypto Signal Provider) rolls out new feature for non-traders,investors seeking investing solution in current market volatility, the company generates profits through its unique trading software-bot designed by expert developers from Russia,this bot has the capability to trade automatically using set algorithms and AI – Artificial Intelligence methodology that enables trading profit in both bullish and bearish movement reaping decent profit, this technique has brought in a proven success record in trading cryptocurrency at 93.6% accuracy rate that stands the top-most in the market, Mapplefinance is a global fund management system that is specialized in trading and wealth management at highy secured environment, currently the company manages approximately $1.03 million (as of December 3, 2018) in assets primarily for trading funds, endowments, and cryptocurrency markets.

The assets are managed across three platforms: multi-strategy volatility arbitrage, customized options and volatility-based solutions, and portfolio management. Mapple’s headquarter is located in Alqusais, Dubai, Scottsdale, AZ, and also has a branch consulting offices in India, Bangalore. The company claims its specialization in trading signals, extensive market research and portfolio management service dealing in top exchanges like Bitmex, Binance, Bittrex that has been showing tremendous performance in closing successful trades for its clients and other multinational companies. Mappletradex which is the sole entity has been predicting altcoin market, signals and upfront news since 2013. The newly investing opportunity has been designed to make investors/crypto traders grow their funds every day minimising the risk factor associated in trading said Jed Grant  —  Advisor/Sr Technologist with Mapple.



Mapple has been signalling crypto service established since 2013 providing crypto signals,news and updates in almost all social platforms android and ios.

So far more than 768% profit has been shared in Mapplefinance for all investors,traders and few financial institutions under portfolio management & investing module.

Mapple trades and manufacturers in Gold and Metals having tie up with big industrialists and merchants that supplies gold and metals worldwide.

Mapple is associated with largest mining pool Bitmain Technologies Ltd and Genesis mining as an alternate source of wealth generation.

Mapple manages high volume trading portfolio for big investors and associated whales holding around than 100-300 bitcoin in their wallets and shares profit. These whales have the ability to control crypto market upto a certain limit.

Mapple’s liason office located in Dubai (Al Qusais), United States, and India, associated partners from Philippines, Russia, Ukraine supporting Mapple for Development in blockchain technologies and Artificial Intelligence.

Furthermore the company plans to launch innovative worldwide blockchain projects launching in more than 17 countries that would create more global empowerment and opportunities for technical associates, business professionals and investors.


As a wealth management and trading signal company, we know that our customers trust their finances with us for the long-term, and hope to use these funds to protect and achieve their dreams and aspirations of their families. Keeping this in mind, our investment focus is to ensure long term Safety, Stability and Profitability of our customer’s funds. Our aim is to achieve superior returns for a given level of risk. In order to meet this objective, we have developed an investment framework that is based on a sound investment process coupled with a rigorous and sophisticated risk management strategy. Mapple invested in forthcoming institutional trading platform Bakkt in the fund’s first investment. Bakkt’s regulatory discussions are continue prior to its long-awaited debut offering of physically settled Bitcoin futures.

Few words shared by Mapplefinance Senior financial Advisor Michael McGowan “We are glad to announce a revolutionary investing opportunity that would help traders and investors to maximize their investments without hassles of trading or managing their funds in various exchanges, to ensure that we maintain a strict discipline in managing funds, we have clearly articulated benchmarks for various unit-linked platforms. In addition we also have strict deviation limit benchmarks that ensure we do not take undue exposure in any particular sector. It is our endeavor to give better returns than the benchmark to our investors for all the funds that we manage.”



Mapplefinance gives its traders and Investors smart choice to invest & grow their funds every single day.

No hassles of trading and managing funds into multiple exchanges.

No risk on sudden market pumps or dumps and market unexpected crashes.

No risk on exchanges that gets hacked or loosing cryptocurrencies value in day-trading.

Mapple shares affiliate Bonus/Commission for leaders and networkers upto 10% distribution.

24/7 Customer Support,live chat and email are opened for enquiries and questions.

Mapple has all the ways to grow funds without being impacted by various market risks and FUD’s. Mapple gives peace of mind for all traders and investors to grow their digital assets in the most secured environment. In summary, the investment process is a function of extensive research and is based on market research, news and updates backed up by superior risk control measures. Hence, we believe, this would enable us to deliver to our customers safety, stability and returns on their investments with us.

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