Philly Rapper Charms ‘Girls from the Bay’ in New Song

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San Francisco, CA — The newest single by East Coast-born hip-hop artist Lou Anthony was made as a token of appreciation for the women and culture of The Bay Area, a place that gave him an eye-opening, life-changing experience.

Born in Philadelphia in the mid-90’s, Anthony fell in love with California through his appreciation for icons like Tupac Shakur and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The moment he first landed in 2018, he knew that the Golden State would hold a precious place in his heart forever. Much of his music, especially his March 2023 hit “Girls From The Bay,” pays homage to California people and their culture.

“I just have a newfound appreciation for Cali,” said the 28 year-old entrepreneur. “I loved everything about my experiences here and I tend to express that a lot in my music. When I wrote [‘Girls From The Bay’], yeah it was based on my real-life experiences, but it’s really like an ode to the women, and everyone really, that show me love here.”

Most of the reactions to Anthony’s new song came pouring in through the comments sections of his Instagram posts. A plethora of flame and heart emoji comments flooded his videos and “girls from the Bay” seemed very impressed and flattered with the composition.

“They’re just so open to you,” said Anthony about where his admiration for the women of Northern Cal came from. “They’re so accepting for who you are, they’re so embracive, and they love to have a good time.”

He concluded by saying, “It’s all about love and appreciation. Once you show me you got that for me, I’ll show you I got it for you.”

The song was produced by Southern Cal native Neo, it samples Christopher Williams’ “Every Little Thing U Do,” and is available on all major streaming networks and


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