Discover Fast-Rising Artist killterry Single “Artic”

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Recording Artist and Rapper killterry looks forward to communicating stories and inspiring people, giving the world a diverse take on contemporary pop music that is far removed from the usual stereotypes and cliches of the genre. People are searching for instant success in today’s environment, which is dominated by technology. Unfortunately, there is no way around it. Hard effort and desire are essential in order to realize your full potential and accomplish what you love.

Sancho knows that music, with its fast but never-breathless lyrical rhymes, is a musical genre that allows the performer to catch and captivate the listener’s imagination. Hip-hop artist killterry is familiar with the concept of being captivating. As a leading rap artist, musician, and influencer, he stands out among his peers, displaying his unshakeable confidence as proudly as he dons his many credible accolades Currently making waves within the ocean that is the Music Scene, killterry took the time out from his hectic schedule to share an insight into his creative process.

His latest single, “Artic”, it debuted the impressive vocal abilities of killterry, who was already a bona fide influencer with a robust following on Instagram. An overlap between social media stardom and a musical career is not unheard of before, but killterry is unique for his seamless transition into the scene and the bravado that sets him apart from those who have come before. So, what powers killterry’s creative process and brings his music to life? “Rap is powered by your energy; it is something you conduct like an electric current,” shares the artist. “So, my creative process entails capturing that energy, directing it at the mic, and getting it locked down. In rap, you create the greatest lyrics when you simply give yourself over to that charged energy.”

Every artist’s creative process is unique, but killterry has found a way to use his rare creative ability to be more memorable than most.

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