What makes Everscale (EVER) resilient even in the latest downtrend?

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Blockchain industry analysts say that we are seeing a seismic change in the cryptocurrency market precipitated by the price collapse of Terra (Luna) and TerraUSD (UST).



According to foreign media reports, the latest market crash has forced many executives of blockchain-related companies to step down and left those with investment exposure to crypto assets confused and scared. 

Everscale (EVER), which has recently seen a fairly small dip thanks to some positive news concerning the platform, is attracting attention yet again for its competitive market position and performance.

Everscale is a community-driven blockchain based on the open source of Telegram Open Network (TON). The blockchain operates through both sharding and multi-threading. And it has unlimited scalability and is capable of handling 1 million transactions per second.

At over 55,000 transactions per second, the Everscale blockchain is officially the fastest blockchain in the world.

It even hit 64,000 TPS in one datacenter test net). Announcing its ambitious vision to contribute to the real-world use of blockchain, the Everscale community has stated that its ultimate goal is to integrate blockchains into a complete ecosystem with unlimited scalability.

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