Attenutech Releases the New C-Arm Drapes

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04/13/2021 – Lutz, Florida: In alignment with our dedication and continued commitment to providing top-performing radiation and additional safety products, Attenutech releases new C-Arm Drapes supplies for medical staff everywhere. 

At Attenutech, we understand that medical staff rely heavily on equipment to perform surgical procedures, including procedures of high-risk. That’s why we’re releasing an exclusive line of disposable materials for C-Arm drapes to meet their needs, ensuring the ultimate level of safety for medical staff and their patients.

With this new release, medical professionals have a few unique options. They can choose a variety of products from our C-Arm Draping systems, or from our Mini C-Arm Draping systems (u-shaped style) as well. 

This exclusive product line of our new C-Arm Draping systems has several great features. In fact, these products are:

  • Easily applied and disposable, making a more efficient application and removal process
  • Economical, allowing for great use at the fraction of overall expenses 
  • Uniquely sterile, providing a combative bacterial and contagion barrier for C-Arm X-Ray equipment

When it comes to any operation, it’s extremely important that medical staff and their patients are both protected and safe. These high quality products can be used for the toughest surgical procedures, ensuring that they can be done with great consistency and ease. With our products and equipment intact, medical staff are free to focus on being attentive to their patients and focus on performing at their great capacity–all without any technical mishaps.

Our exclusive line of C-Arm drapes materials is not only highly effective, but affordable and cost-efficient.  We understand that C-Arm machinery can be really expensive overall, but we’ve made it our duty to produce high-end affordable products as our continued  commitment to providing safety products to medical staff–especially during the toughest jobs. In short, we care about the entire process, and ensure that every detail has been considered to ensure effective products with great affordability, all so that medical staff can do what they do best. 

You can find our new line of products on our website and request a quote. One your quote is submitted, one of our representatives will respond to your inquiry in a timely manner–it’s that easy. Feel free to ask us any additional questions as well, as we are always happy to help you. 

About Us:AttenuTech provides radiation protection products for physicians, techs, nurses, and staff who utilize Fluoroscopy for imaging procedures. At AttenuTech®, we are dedicated to implementing the best radiation protection in high-risk surgical environments. With a manufacturing presence in the United States and Europe, we guarantee the highest quality of products and services in the radiation protection industry. We provide affordable and applicable solutions through state-of-the-art technologies and modern equipment. All AttenuTech® products are CE Certified, and manufactured with strict adherence to applicable laws, standards, and regulations, assuring the highest levels of protection, confidence, and quality.Contact Information:


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