How Do SEAPRWire Conduct PR Distribution in the Age of Coronavirus

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Entering 2022, SEAPRWire still cannot predict when the coronavirus will disappear. With coronavirus affecting every aspect of our lives personally and professionally, how should publicists and companies think about PR and news releases during these sensitive and uncertain times?

For one, PR professionals and online marketers are fortunate that all of us can do our job from anywhere with an internet connection, so marketers are still able to work. SEAPRWire are lucky. And when done right, a lot of positive PR can be accomplished even during this crisis.


  1. A French perfume maker and distilleries in the U.S. are re-purposing factories and alcohol to make much-needed hand sanitizer.
  2. An Internet giant is donating millions of masks to hospitals
  3. Even smaller businesses can put out positive and helpful PR.


  1. Is their business donating their product or service or time? Or giving away it for free right now? Or donating cash to a charity? Or needed supplies to a hospital?
  2. Is their business staying open (even remotely, or to provide needed products or services during this crisis? or even products or services that make full-time home life more pleasant or manageable?)
  3. Will their business be hiring? People are worried about their jobs so a positive announcement would be welcomed
  4. Can people genuinely convey a message of community support or gratitude to their clients? If done right it could be an opportunity to build connection with their clients in a difficult time.

News releases can also help get out neutral/unfortunate but important coronavirus-affected information

  1. Cancelling an event? Moving it online?
  2. Closing until a specific date?
  3. Changing their hours of operation or ways to reach their company?

And remember, people can still publish their regular company/product/service announcements. It is actually helpful to all of us to see some businesses go on as they normally would since SEAPRWire are bombarded by mainstream media with coronavirus.

However, please refrain from any PR attempts to take advantage of this terrible situation.

  1. Do not try to profit off of this disease
  2. Do not try to push “treatments”
  3. Do not try to “news jack” this disease (ex. add this trending keyword to their news release to try to get traffic) when it is not relevant.
  4. Do not suggest conspiracy theories for why this outbreak happened
  5. Do not blame 3rd party organizations, government, hospitals etc for this outbreak
  6. Do not publish racist or xenophobic comments in their press release

Remember, people are dying, people are sick, people are out of work, people are scared. Keep their PR positive, charitable, practical, or neutral. If people have questions or comments on what would be acceptable, reach out to the team at

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